A love letter to the Tokemechs

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Romain Figuereo

Founding Knight

Post Date April 29, 2022

Dear Toke Mechs,

I wanted to take the time to write out why we believe Tokemak and Paladin are a match made in heaven. As a degenesis mech, I’ve been charmed by the elegance with which Tokemak tackles the problem of liquidity. As the co-founder of Paladin, a governance lending platform, I was also convinced there were a lot of natural synergies between a protocol that directs liquidity via governance and one that optimizes efficient use and grants novel yield opportunities from governance.

With Warden, our platform dedicated to boost and gauge weight acquisition on Curve, Tokemak will be able to significantly raise their revenue in Curve from the current POL strategy. By buying boosts or acquiring gauge weight for the project, Tokemak’s yield could skyrocket up to 250%.

By selling unused boost or gauge weight, Tokemak will be able to reach optimal efficiency for their veCRV all while keeping sovereignty over their asset and flexibility of use..

Looking past what is already live and compatible, we believe TOKE is one of the few governance tokens with enough power to create governance wars. Today, only two protocols seem to have achieved this: AAVE & CRV. We have built our whole roadmap around the belief that building synergistically with them would propel Paladin into the leading influence market. Led by this conviction, today, we’d like to offer an invitation to the Tokemechs to help us build an influence market for Tokemak. Not a bribe platform, but a fully fledged protocol enabling optimal use efficiency while shielding holders from slashing risk.

Winning a reactor is not just a liquidity option for us, it’s the manifestation of the beginning of a long and synergetic collaboration between the Mechs and the Knights. To mark this Core event and invite tokemechs to join us, we’re throwing the Reactor Festival next week.

Together, let’s crystallize the value of TOKE’s liquidity direction.

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