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Maria Biveine

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Post Date December 01, 2022

Join our Brotherhood and participate in the Christmas campaign to win a unique personalized avatar, a Ledger wallet, as well as some merch from Paladin.

Christmas is upon us once again, and to spread the holiday cheer, Paladin will be holding its first Paladin Brotherhood Campaign!

From the 1st of December till Christmas eve on the 24th, you can participate in the contest and win prizes by collecting points for certain actions.

What are the gifts

Top 3 Templars with the most amount of honors (points):

  1. Personalized NFT from Paladin

  2. Orange Ledger hardware wallet

  3. Paladin branded merch

Top 4-10:

  1. A runner-up NFT
  2. Paladin merch

The rest of the participants will get a participation POAP.

How to Win

Starting from December the 1st  till December the 24th [00:00 AM EST / 6 00 AM CET] you can take as many actions as you wish to collect the reward points. Points will be calculated by the Discord bot that we’ll have set up.

Join our Discord if you are not there yet and follow the campaign participation channel.

ACTION #1: + 1 honor

Like any tweet of @Paladin_vote posted between 01.12 - 23.12  and/or the Brotherhood Thread

ACTION #2: + 2 honors

Retweet any tweet(s) of Paladin_vote posted between 01.12 - 23.12 and/or the Brotherhood Thread

ACTION #3: +10 honors

Start following Paladin at paladin.lens at any day between 01.12 - 23.12

ACTION #4:  + 10 honors X [1] + (no. of likes the thread received / no. of followers you have)

Write a thread about Paladin or our products with a specific hashtag #PaladinThread plus tag @Paladin_vote and @Pal_intern accountsю Post it on Twitter any day between 01.12 - 23.12.


  • You can post maximum 3 threads per the campaign cycle of 01.12 -23.12.
  • Your thread has to consist of 5 tweets min.

ACTION #5: + 2 honors X [1] + (no. of likes the thread received / no. of followers you have)

Create Paladin-related meme. Post it on Twitter any day between 01.12 - 23.12, add #PaladinMeme plus tag @Paladin_vote and @Pal_intern accounts.

USEFUL MATERIAL to make your Twitter post stand out can be found in <this folder>

Any questions? Ask the Paladin team on Discord.

Kick off the festive season by joining the Paladin Brotherhood Christmas Campaign!

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