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Tom Amiri

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Post Date September 08, 2022

New Feature for Super-effective Bribers

Rest assured Anon you can continue to enjoy those juicy Quest APRs, no Feds are going to knock down your door. However, for future voting rounds, bribers can blacklist addresses from their Quests to avoid double dipping with OTC deals.

Now when partners go to create their Quest, they’ll have an option to add addresses they want to exclude from their rewards. This way DAOs can precisely target the group of voters they want support from.

TLDR: Quest bribers can blacklist voters on-chain from their incentives for better control over their gauge campaign.

Quest allows DAOs to target an exact amount of veCRV or veBAL with a total budget which fixes their $/vote cost for bribes. Voters know exactly how much they’ll earn based on their voting power, while DAOs maintain their golden ratios for super-effective bribes. However, sometimes there was the following challenge: your Quest might be registering votes from other sources and, as a result, would be unavailable for new voters. Quest creators needed a way to block some voters so that they could have a complete bribe strategy accommodating different tactics.

The Dark Quest feature allows DAOs to block addresses at the creation of their Quest. They can simply list them, and those addresses will automatically be blacklisted from the vote counts and the reward distribution. This is a transparent process, since voters will be able to see whether a Quest has a blacklist active and which addresses are included. Everything else about the Quest is the same and voters can continue to earn stable APRs depending on the availability of the Quest.

That’s all for today… but remember the dark and light live side by side. Stay tuned.


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