A New Light: Advanced Gauge Voter Targeting

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Tom Amiri

Product Knight

Post Date December 06, 2022

DeFi is once again holding its head high amidst the recent contagion instigated by more centralized actors. With bank runs reminding us why self-custody is so valuable, the future of DEXes is bright. Fully on-chain and transparent, leading DEXes such as Curve and Balancer continue to power trades and support a reliable flow of liquidity. These ecosystems also continue to have huge opportunities for their token holders via voting incentives.

Curve, Balancer, Convex and Aura voters, among others, control powerful emissions which can help projects attract more TVL to their pools. Paladin’s Quest dapp has been the most efficient platform for DAOs to incentivize voters because it enables fixed rewards for a defined amount of votes. Originally, Quests offered fixed rewards just for the base layer (ex. veCRV) but it expanded to allow more voters to earn in a Quest. Shortly after we released a Dark Quest feature that gave even more control to DAOs by blacklisting any address they wanted to exclude from their incentives.

Today we’re rolling out another feature for DAOs, called Light Quest. It’ll allow DAOs to create Quests specifically for the wrapped layers (ex. Convex and Aura). This now means you can have fixed rewards for any layer of the veToken ecosystem. If votes are more expensive on one layer, through Quest, you can arbitrage your incentives towards the cheaper one.

How it works

Quest creators will use the same creation form that they’re familiar with, but there’ll be a new area to select groups of voters. Note when targeting Convex or Aura voters you'll be unable to blacklist any additional addresses.

Quest is now a full-suite control room for the Curve and Balancer wars (any veToken really). Create Quests for all voters, or for a specific set. Either way, you define your budget with the added assurance that all unused rewards are recoverable. It’s the only sustainable approach to the gauge. The update will also include a UI refresh on the Quest page which will help voters understand which incentives they’re eligible for and how each Quest is progressing, with more information about each voting round as well.

If you’re a Convex or Aura voter you can delegate your vote to Paladin for optimized rewards that are aggregated across every incentives platform. Delegate through https://app.warden.vote/quest for better rewards today.

If you’re a DAO looking to upgrade your gauge game reach out to the Paladin team in our Discord.

But that's not all.

The Paladin ecosystem has expanded to many major DeFi protocols through its beloved knights. News has it that some new hero prepares to step into the realm… a master of War.

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