Paladin summons its PALs

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Romain Figuereo

Founding Knight

Post Date November 03, 2021

Paladin is a meta-governance ecosystem creating flywheels to enhance governance participation. Our first Dapp is a lending protocol where users loan or borrow voting power. Users deposit governance tokens or their utilized version in exchange for yield, while borrowers can leverage their voting power to gain more influence temporarily.

Welcome to the Paladin Citadel

Paladin was built with the conviction that flywheels are becoming the strongest tools to incentivize users to adopt positive behaviors. We’re trying to create systems that will push people to express their voice in governance even when they didn’t think they could.

It however became pretty obvious that building a neutral meta-governance protocol would be impossible without actually decentralizing it.

This is why we believe the time has come for us to introduce PAL, the Paladin ecosystem governance token, and the currency of those who govern.

Why is governance important?

Governance is the cornerstone of decentralization. Systems need to evolve in order to survive, and if the decision making organ is not decentralized, the tech cannot be it either : you cannot have DeFi without dGov.

Older protocols like Aave and even new protocols like OlympusDAO soar above $1 billion valuations and are accumulating large war chests. Others like Curve or Tokemak offer unparalleled bootstrapping opportunities by enabling liquidity pairs or mining via their gauges or reactors.

It is no secret that influence in DAOs is becoming an extremely powerful opportunity vector.

Does my voice matter?

As a small holder, you may think your 0.0XXX% of voting power is useless, but the whole point of decentralized systems is scaling coordination.

Small holders are strong together. This is why we’re building the tools that will help you build the future together. We want to empower your convictions, amplify your voice, crystallize the value of your influence and much more.

You are not alone, you are not powerless, you are a shield against tyranny.

Paladin Lending : the first governance vortex

Votes in DeFi systems are unexplored assets, and markets are powerful tools for using said assets.

Observing very low and worrying turnouts in DeFi governance, we’ve built out a vote lending market that aligns the incentives of passive token holders, who don’t participate, with active contributors, who yearn for more access into dGov, in a manner that’s secure for depositors and the underlying governance systems : tokens never leave our contracts.

This dApp was also built with the right guardrails (community approval, dynamic rates, positive sum game theory) to avoid creating new attack vectors.

After only one month of going live on mainnet, Paladin Lending has reached over 10M$ of TVL and already offers the best yield in the ecosystem for UNI and StkAave.

What is the PAL token ?

Paladin can only thrive if it is credibly neutral and has a strong army of activists pushing the ecosystem forward. PAL is our way of uniting these people. For now PAL is a simple non-transferable governance token that will govern the Paladin Protocol. This will change once our governance structure is in place.

Some more details 👇


The PAL token was used as a fundraising mechanism to bootstrap the development of the protocol, as such, a small portion was sold to investors and, under the governance’s approval, another part will be reserved for the team.

The rest (67.6% of total supply, with a total cap of 50M tokens) will be allocated on a 4 level system :

  1. A community airdrop
  2. A liquidity mining campaign to bootstrap the Paladin Lending Pools starting soon
  3. A novel distribution system that will be presented to the governance
  4. A grant system to build the future of governance

PAL token distribution.

PAL Token contract : 0xAB846Fb6C81370327e784Ae7CbB6d6a6af6Ff4BF


We’re officially dropping over 1,108,000 tokens to all the users that make Paladin the best it ever could. These will be available to claim for 90 days.

  • Our OG members, who have heavily contributed to strong vibes in the Discord will receive 500 PAL next week (this is only the beginning).
  • Depositors who were early adopters (before 29/10) of Paladin lending will share 100,000 PAL between themselves (25,000 per pool)
  • Users who have voted or created proposals in the Aave, Compound, Uniswap or Curve governance (on chain proposal votes only) will share 1,000,000 PAL.

Wen ?

Now, just head over to our DAO onboarding page and enjoy the trip.

Become the shield of your ideals and join us.

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