Paladin’s Transferability and Liquidity Bootstrapped Event

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Romain Figuereo

Founding Knight

Post Date February 22, 2022

Paladin is a governance lending protocol specialized in unlocking the value of governance tokens and improving participation in DeFi.

We first launched Paladin Lending with voting pools of some of DeFi’s top protocols. The flagship palStkAave pool and its multiple yield strategies has climbed up to become stkAave’s 19th largest holder.

Then we introduced Warden, the first veToken tooling dapp. For now, Warden allows Curve holders to sell unused boosting power for LPs to maximize yields. Soon, more solutions will be available to provide a full-suite of revenue potential for the veModel.


This raise is not to finance the activity of the core team but to bootstrap protocol-owned-liquidity that will enable the DAO to build synergetic yield strategies on top of our own products.

This LBE (Liquidity Bootstrapping Event) has been approved by the DAO in PGP-6 and will be led by a committee elected in PGP-5. An additional benefit of Balancer’s LBP technology is its ability to empower the market with price discovery. Neither the core team nor the DAO feels justified in introducing a market price for the token. A Dutch auction is fairer to the market, reduces regulatory risk and enhances the efficiency of the transferability event.

How will it work?

On March 7th at 12:00 pm CET the LBP will be deployed on Prime Launch and will last for 72 hours (ending march 10th at 12:00 pm CET)

The DAO will provide 1,000,000 PAL as well as 200,000$ for this event.

Please bear in mind that the initial price is high because of the way dutch auction works. It is recommended to start an order of magnitude higher than the expected price.

Please do not buy PAL at a price that you are not comfortable with.

The next steps

The coming few weeks will be pretty intense and we hope you will help spread the word about this LBP as a successful event will contribute to healthy price discovery.

If you have any questions, a Twitter Space will be held on Thursday 24/02 at 12pm EST with the core team and some committee members, and you’re always welcome to our Discord to ask for more details beforehand or afterwards !

Furthermore, the tokenomics will be introduced in another article shortly before the LBP and enabled swiftly after the event.

We’re extremely excited to have new Knights join us.

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