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Tom Amiri

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Post Date August 05, 2022

The markets have had their reckoning but DeFi powered through with major protocols functioning as designed. Those who are most aligned with participating and bringing value will reap the most. This is why we’ve prepared another adventure today — Balancer Quests!

Generating new revenue streams for veBAL holders

Through the recent chaos, many veCRV voters were still enjoying handsome rewards from Paladin, Threshold and Alchemix through Curve Quests. We and our partners have been able to rally veCRV holders for more sustainable CRV incentives, boosting pool APRs and attracting more liquidity. Quest has also offered the token holders a more reliable stream of rewards. Now it’s time for a new set of voters to enjoy the benefits of Quest: reliable, sustainable, and efficient gauge incentives.

Why Balancer Quest?

The Balancer ecosystem has been blowing up with the launch of their veBAL governance system. Liquidity providers are now earning $BAL on select pools to further align them with the AMM. veBAL holders are also earning a large share of protocol revenues. Balancer has always been highly innovative in delivering their mission of programmable liquidity so, naturally, we at Paladin wanted to support the ecosystem and bring our gauge solution to the community. Moreover, in these tight market conditions it’s more important than ever for DAOs to manage their bribe spending. Thus, Paladin’s new Quest solution is crucial for projects who are aiming to win the Balancer wars while having a data-driven approach toward their budgeting.

BAL gauge wars: a big opportunity for DAOs

Getting in early to the BAL gauge can bolster your liquidity with interesting bribe arbitrages between veBAL and vlAURA. The Balancer community is also supportive of high bribe APRs to attract more lockers and TVL, therefore there are good opportunities to align veBAL voters towards your pool. If you’re able to set up a core pool you can even have the DAO redirect fees into your gauge incentives. These will be powerful incentives for projects to improve their liquidity and it can all be easily managed through Quest.

For the first voting round of Balancer Quest, we’re happy to announce two Quests for veBAL voters: Paladin incentives and our first partner, PrimeDAO. Head over to the to get more details before directing your vote!

If your project is interested in acquiring Balancer gauge votes, get into contact with us through Paladin’s Discord.

Want more insight into the gauges?

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