How to delegate your vlCVX or vlAURA to Paladin to farm optimized bribe yield

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Tom Amiri

Product Knight

Post Date September 28, 2022

Paladin specializes in creating markets and services for token holders to get the most out of their governance power. We created the first governance protocol to enable vote lending for assets like stkAAVE, UNI, and COMP. Soon after we released Warden, a dapp built for veTokens like CRV and BAL.

Quest is a novel gauge vote platform on Warden that allows DAOs to sustainably bribe veCRV and veBAL voters. Quest creators offer fixed rewards based on the amount of votes they want and the length of their campaign. This means they only pay for the votes they get, allowing DAOs to execute more complex, long-term strategies around the gauge.

Recently, Convex and Aura voters have become eligible to participate in Quests. To simplify the earning process, these holders can delegate to convex.palvote.eth or aura.palvote.eth.

By delegating your vote to Paladin you will enjoy: optimized bribe yield, access to all bribe marketplaces, and zero costs (outside the gas to delegate). Another bonus for Aura delegations is that they’ll help defend the auraBAL peg.

Delegating through Warden

To delegate head to and select Curve or Balancer to access either ecosystem. In the top right of the screen will be a button to delegate. By delegating now you’ll start to earn rewards by the end of the next voting round.

Earning rewards

Paladin will optimize bribes across Quest, Votium, and Hidden Hands for its delegations. Votes will prioritize filling Quests to their targets unless the rewards for a Quest are severely under the market rate for that round. Rewards will add up and voters can claim them through the Warden interface at any time.

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